I get a lot of work repairing and servicing Rimfire and Centrefire sporting and target rifles.

Most come for servicing or modification in some way to improve accuracy. I also carry out safety inspections for Forestry Commission Stalkers.

Work is generally carried out here including screw cutting for moderators and re-crowning. 

Barrel replacement and re-proofing is carried out off-site by specialist outworkers. 

All parts including custom parts and stocks can be sourced and fitted.

An often-overlooked element of the rifle is the sight mounting system. This has become more evident with the advent of night vision and thermal imagery. I can provide bespoke mounting solutions for most sighting systems.

I also carry out an accuracy testing service for your rifle, which includes a full inspection of the barrel using the bore scope, a service and test fire using your ammunition or alternatives if required.

As a passionate deer stalker for the last 30 years I have gained enough experience to put together a suitable deer rifle package to your budget if required.

I offer a personal service from sourcing components to delivering a full set up and test fired package ready to go.

Looking for a lead free solution?

I have been working on this for over three years and can help with that too.

Please call 07712 305385 or email to book an appointment to visit