I service and repair a lot of shotguns each year. Most work is done in house, or sometimes a gun will be sent to specialist colleagues within the Gun Trade when it is work requiring their particular skills such as replacing a stock or rebuilding barrels. I use the best people in the trade.

Please note if a gun has to be sent to outworkers it will increase the lead time of the repair.  Although I cater for most popular makes, a few guns have to be sent to the manufacturers or UK importers for servicing as they will not release the parts. Fortunately, Blaser and Krieghoff are the only ones which spring to mind.  I can arrange this too.  The following services are available here:

All barrel work undertaken including choke alterations
Re-blacking including rust blacking for older English guns
Stock repairs or replacements
Gun fitting and stock alterations
All action works carried out, replacement springs held in stock for most guns
We can arrange re-proofing if required
Leather gun slip and case repairs
In conjunction with a local colleague we run a gun fitting service.
Deactivation work is also carried out

Gun Fitting will take place off site. This involves meeting my colleague who will inspect the gun, check it for fit and ask you to fire a few shots at the pattern plate and some clays if required.

For the fitting you will need your gun and your normal cartridges. At least 50 should be taken. You will also require your usual shooting clothing.

Once measurements have been taken it may be necessary to adjust your gunstock length. It may also require bending to adjust the cast (side to side) or the drop (up and down). This is done at the owner’s risk using hot oil and a bending jig. This process usually takes 48 hours to complete. A confirmatory session on clays will confirm the gun fit. If alterations are required this is usually included in the cost of bending.

Leather gun slip and motor case repairs can also be arranged.

Please call 07712 305385 or email to book an appointment to visit