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Airgun repairs

By September 5, 2018Uncategorized

I carry out a wide variety of airgun repairs and restorations to modern pre-charged air rifles and vintage spring guns. Recently a Diana Model 23 from 1927 came in for some minor work. The owner now in his 90’s has owned the rifle since he was 12 and had noticed the power had dropped slightly. Upon stripping the gun down I discovered the rifle had a broken mainspring and both the leather piston washer and breach seal had perished. After some detailed research I was able to obtain replacement parts and restored the rifle to a good working condition. It was returned to a very happy owner producing a healthy 11ft/lbs.

I see quite a lot of Weihrauch spring air rifles which seem to last for ever, one HW35 which arrived here was a 1953 model without the safety catch. Most spring powered Weihrauch air rifles don’t need much work to return them to top form. The PCPs such as the HW100 family will often need sending back to the factory for an overhaul. This can be costly.

1953 HW35, note no safety catch

Weihrauch HW 100 stripped

HW35 overhaul

HW35 and HW100

















This early PCP air rifle, a Falcon Lighthunter in .22 came in for a complete restoration, the stock was in good condition so only needed some oil. All metal was stripped and re-blacked. The seals were all changed and the rifle is back to peak performance. I can usually turn such work round within 4-6 weeks.

Falcon Lighthunter restoration

stripped light hunter










Occasionally customers will come and ask me to source collectors pieces or something out of the ordinary. In this case I will source the item and carry out a full service before delivery. A recent example was an Air Arms S410 Take down rifle


I also have the facility to test air rifles power limit using a chronograph. This can determine that the rifle or pistol is within the legal limit and also whether it is still delivering the performance it left the factory with. I can arrange for dive bottles to be tested and filled too. Most air rifles and CO2 rifles can easily be repaired and parts are generally available. Some of the obsolete and vintage rifles can be a bit more tricky.

Should you require any advice on air rifles or to purchase one please feel free to drop me a line. I mainly deal in Air Arms,  Weihrauch and BSA guns. I can provide you with a bespoke package if required.



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